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Hey there hello.

Very interesting story, also I found a bug. 

Image 'glowing_tree' not found.


Sonata and Sonatina is especially weird for me because 'inha' is used in my language to represent something smaller/cuter. Because of this I thought Sonatina was Sonata's daughter lmao

The Aria ending is so bittersweet, on one hand she finally went on a date, on the other she forgot Legato. Personally, my favorite ending was the one where she talks to the old lady.


Thank you for playing!
Oh, you are right. I missed that one. Thanks for telling me


Hi Altila :)

Good and mysterious story, characters art is good too :)

I like the snow backgrounds :)

Great job :)


Thanks for playing!
The snow bg is a free image from unsplash